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Silence of the Jams


‘Eddie Ray - Silence of the Jams’ is an epic independent film with an entirely original soundtrack. 


In a dystopian future where the world falls into silence, and all live music has stopped, robot’s aka smartphones now rule the world.  Having only ever used his trusty old Nokia, Eddie Ray missed the memo, or meme.  With a motorbike as his trusty steed, in the wild west of the Sunshine Coast, and haunted by the songs in his head, Eddie must journey to find the weapon that can beat the machines.  Live Music. 


Silence of the Jams is equal parts movie and live music gig as Eddie and his Band of Legends, perform the soundtrack live alongside the screening. 

Band of Legends_Silence of the Jams Poster.png


Life on the Line - Hero.JPG

Life on the Line


“Hilda” the circus grade Hills Hoist takes centre stage and lends her frame to a host imaginative scenarios as we take you on a journey to discover the REAL story behind this iconic invention.

Sharing hilarious backyard tales from their travels across the country and back again. Under the Hill's Hoist provides the perfect space for a backyard show - bringing out the inner child in everyone and reminding us all that's it's OK to be silly and it's OK to have a laugh.

A fusion of slapstick, bad dad jokes and sock puppets with a sprinkle of circus.

“The performance is by turns acrobatic, comic, and musical...The winning performance delights in the silly and is sure to win the hearts of all children (and children-at-heart).”

— Liam McNally - Tulpa Magazine

“When you think of the Fringe, this is exactly what you expect to see — a weird, zany show that pushes you to not take yourself so seriously.”

— Chloe Metcalfe, The Advertiser

“Life on the Line during the day is a bit of family fun that includes dad jokes, Aimee’s graceful aerial ballet on a Hills Hoist ... a little bit of Mark on electric guitar, and some participatory theatre. At night it becomes a tiny bit more adult with some tasteful moments of laughter and applause. ”

— Glenn Tozer - Blank GC

Leader2 (3).png

Eddie Ray

Leader of the Resistance


Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to warn us, but we didn’t listen!  Before the Terminator, there was the telephone - Before the T1000 there was the Nokia 3210.

A music comedy sci-fi action movie adventure set in the year 2020 where robots completely run the planet and are our overlords.  A hilarious take on the situation we're faced with, with I-phone addiction and too much screen time.


Eddie effortlessly turns a very serious matter into a very thought provoking comedy which is helping start the conversation wherever it takes him.  Eddie was nominated for Best Cabaret at the Fringe at the Edge of the World Festival in Hobart and enjoyed sell out seasons at Darwin Fringe Festival 2019...


“From the first minute he had his audience hooked and hanging onto his every word... Together with social commentary and the whims of a talented musician... it isn’t just this show’s inter-textuality that makes it brilliant.

— Kayla Gaskell, Tulpa Magazine

A delightful satirical musical comedy...Funny, engaging, with a great soundtrack produced live by Eddie Ray on stage, if you’re into comedy like Flight of the Conchords, this show is for you.

— Melissa Kruger- XPress Magazine

 Schwarzenegger’s Terminator in a mash-up is bust-yer-gut funny.

— Tasmania Times Arts and Culture


Backyard Tales

A community storytelling experience under the

Hill's Hoist

Remember when just exploring your backyard was full of sheer wonderment and blissful joy, when you could literally be anything?  


In collaboration with Woodford Folk Festival and Kerbside's passion for connecting community and celebrating the everyday stories that is the backbone of our society, Kerbside documents the town's history from the residents backyard tales.

An interactive storytelling space, with a final film installation under the stars projected on Kerbside's unique Hill's Hoist clothesline.

"Everyone was very impressed with what you’ve done to preserve our past and the memories it recalled.  Thank you for including me!"

— Sandy Van Scherpenseel, Woodford 

"A beautiful snippet of the town's culture"

— Audience member of screening Woodford Folk Festival

"Aimee is highly experienced in community facilitation and relationship building. She has the ability to identify community needs and harness community energy and participation while working towards a defined artistic outcome." 

Kate Baggerson, Woodford Folk Festival

Eddie & Eliza's

Backyard Boogaloo


Something to inspire the ridiculousness in adults.  Eddie & Eliza are firing up the barbie and cooking up a storm.  Set in a 1970's backyard this is a return to the silly whimsical live entertainment we used to enjoy before the world got so serious. 
Eddie and Eliza’s hospitality will have you in stitches as you join them around the backyard BBQ! Serving up some Aussie folk lore at its finest, this pair will take you on a ride back to a simpler time with ridiculous skits, musical comedy, a dash of circus and improvised scenes from their guests suggestions.


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