Life on the Line


“Hilda” the circus grade Hills Hoist takes centre stage and lends her frame to a host imaginative scenarios as we take you on a journey to discover the REAL story behind this iconic invention.

Sharing hilarious backyard tales from their travels across the country and back again. Under the Hill's Hoist provides the perfect space for a backyard show - bringing out the inner child in everyone and reminding us all that's it's OK to be silly and it's OK to have a laugh.

A fusion of slapstick, bad dad jokes and sock puppets with a sprinkle of circus.

“The performance is by turns acrobatic, comic, and musical...The winning performance delights in the silly and is sure to win the hearts of all children (and children-at-heart).”

— Liam McNally - Tulpa Magazine

“When you think of the Fringe, this is exactly what you expect to see — a weird, zany show that pushes you to not take yourself so seriously.”

— Chloe Metcalfe, The Advertiser

“Life on the Line during the day is a bit of family fun that includes dad jokes, Aimee’s graceful aerial ballet on a Hills Hoist ... a little bit of Mark on electric guitar, and some participatory theatre. At night it becomes a tiny bit more adult with some tasteful moments of laughter and applause. ”

— Glenn Tozer - Blank GC

Public Activations

It's interactive, it's big, it's bold, it’s colourful, and it's a hilarious installation for all ages that everyone can engage with.

As a free-standing rig, 'Hilda' and her cheeky characters create a world of wonder as audience wander by, an installation reminiscent of the whimsical circus shows of old mixed with a 70's backyard BBQ, inviting the audience to laugh with us and at themselves.

These installations work perfectly as part of any festival/event and can be flexible to the needs and wants of the public activation.  

Community Stories

Remember when just exploring your backyard was full of sheer wonderment and blissful joy, when you could literally be anything?  


Imagine a world where anything is possible, where you had permission to dream again? Who would you be & how do you see the world around you?  We want you to share your dreams, your memories, what you dreamt of as a child and what you dream of today. 


Kerbside Collective's passion is about connecting community and celebrating the everyday stories that is the backbone of our society, Kerbside invites you to put down your phone, put your adult complexities in your back pocket and use your imagination again.

An interactive storytelling space, with a final film installation under the stars projected on a Hill's Hoist clothesline.

"Everyone was very impressed with what you’ve done to preserve our past and the memories it recalled.  Thank you for including me!"

— Sandy Van Scherpenseel, Woodford 

"A beautiful snippet of the town's culture"

— Audience member of screening Woodford Folk Festival

I Left My Telephone On The Bus…


A musical comedic tale of one man, his hatred for technology, and his reluctant journey into the 21st century. This one man show combines live music, hilarious story telling and a refreshing look at the state of the world through the eyes of someone who grew up watching Back to the Future and Terminator, with comedic observations on the actual reality of those predictions.

“I left my telephone on the bus” takes a look at what the rise of the machines has done to our ability to communicate socially in the day to day, how it has played on our fear of our neighbours, and made us reliant on machines through our inability to navigate this world without them.

Eddie & Eliza's

Backyard Boogaloo


Eddie & Eliza are firing up the barbie and cooking up a storm, join them as their guests in a ridiculous night of comedy!  ​
Eddie and Eliza’s hospitality will have you in stitches as you join them around the backyard BBQ! Serving up some Aussie folk lore at its finest, this pair will take you on a ride back to a simpler time with ridiculous skits, musical comedy, a dash of circus and improvised scenes from their guests suggestions.

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