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Kerbside Collective is all about play.  Kerbside creates and produces productions that make you laugh while thinking about the way things are.

- our ethos is simple -

To make the most out of the everyday with whatever is laying around - whether that be using recycled materials, filming in beautiful locations we stumble across or the stories of everyday people. 

We use a lot of imagination we live to make a world that is colourful, fun and wonderful.  

Kerbside began in 2017 with Festival Shows, Interactive Community Spaces & Builds.  Throughout our 6 years as a company we have toured shows, made film clips, won awards, made a movie, ran workshops and built a house.  We exist to stay creative and find the joy in everyday.  Kerbside has a passion for connecting and celebrating community, sharing stories, and making people laugh, whilst always growing, learning and expanding our creative practice.


In “Vinnie” our House Truck built from recycled bits and bobs from the Darwin rubbish tip, we travelled Australia collecting and sharing extraordinary tales from everyday people and creating things from recycled materials.  Now, having put down roots on the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, and having expanded into film, we are still living with that same ethos, whilst exploring our own backyard. 

Kerbside invites you to put down your phone, put your adult complexities in your back pocket and use your imagination again.

With over 15 years experience in performing, community arts and design builds, let us create something unique for you!

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